Cess Naolamap

If there’s a 6 for the rating I would rate them as that. When I first entered their shop I already knew they will reach an extra mile in the wedding industry. The gowns I saw was above my standard(knowing that I have a high one) and they never failed me for that. I am very satisfied with the gowns most especially the color,design and details. They will never fail their client’s expectations instead they will give you more than that. My wedding was a great evidence.Aside from superior quality gowns, they got accommodating staffs too. Yes,when I entered their shop its a little bit crowded(dont worry they will be opening another branch with bigger space soon) which shows that people love they services but unlike my experience in waiting at any other establishments,they will assist you with your needs and make sure you are comfortable while waiting. The owner also was very much willing to help us with our needs. We were half sane days before the wedding because of the pressure and stress but she helped me to be reminded of the things I needed to prepare. (Secondary coor for FREE!)haha SUPERB!

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