Molbog-Mendoza: Fashion in weddings

IT’S June, which means that it is already a wedding month!

As you probably know it, this is the time when a lot of people tie the knot. Thus, you often hear the term “June bride.” Well, weddings are done throughout the year. However, June has been one of the most popular months for a wedding.

Talking about weddings, among the essentials anyone is really focusing on are the gowns and suits. Whether you are the bride or groom or just part of the entourage or a visitor, you surely get amazed upon seeing a well-designed piece.

I got the chance to talk to Ish Montenegro of Krishael’s Events and Concepts, one of Davao’s top choices and go-to places for gowns and suits. Ish and her team are also experts in making sure that your special day is indeed an event to cherish forever. Yes, they can organize your dream wedding for you.

“At Krishael’s Events and Concepts, our core has always been about user experience; allowing them to feel like the most special person on their most special day,” the beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur shared.

“And that has always been delivered through our meticulously picked sets of gowns and suits which I believe mark our edge against other competitors,” she continued.

As a rule of thumb, according to her, the attires should be of premium quality with a touch of royalty and femininity.

“Considering that these are off the rack, the clothes still need to look and feel better than the mainstream Ready To Wear wedding gowns. I’m deeply inspired by Michael Cinco’s work and that translates to our choice of gowns and suits too. So in essence, quality has been and will always be our trademark,” she explained.

When asked what makes a gown or suit stand out, Ish pointed out that a piece of premium clothing becomes deserving of a spotlight only when it brings out the best in a person.

She further emphasized that it is not just about providing Class A gowns or suits. It is also about the kind of service one brings to the table.

“We are driven to relieve our clients from the hassles of wedding planning and coordination which they deserve, as weddings tend to be overwhelming and painstaking. With this, clients enjoy the moment and feel as confident as they can while wearing our wardrobe,” she said.

When choosing the perfect gowns and suits for a client, the trendy and chic mom revealed something.

“Everyone has dreamt about getting married at least once in their lifetime. It’s a day unlike any other, some have even planned it since childhood. So we feel an immense pressure in carefully selecting each gown and suit specific to the client’s personality and penchant. But with this pressure comes an energy to create a memory (for our clients and their guests) unlike any other,” she said.

Ish believes that synonymous to a great wedding is a great gown. By seeing a mere picture of a blushing bride in her beautiful gown, one could tell if the celebration itself is a cut above the rest.

“Ultimately, we want to give our clients what they deserve,” she concluded.

Should you need an idea for your wedding, you may visit Ish at Queen’s Building, Bonifacio Street, Davao City. You may likewise reach her at 0917-8795228.



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