Mendoza: Of cakes, gowns and flower arrangements

WHENEVER someone dear to us is set to celebrate a milestone is life, it is our desire to make it extra special.

When we think of ways or options that would help the occasion become even more exciting, more worthwhile to reminisce, and more special, these three things, or at least one of these, come to mind: cakes, gowns and flower arrangements. Of course, we want the celebration to spell perfection. This means that we want it to come out grand and fashionable.

To achieve this aspiration, we sometimes seek the help of events organizers. We look at them as our partner in making our loved ones feel their worth as they celebrate an important life event.

While speaking with Krishael’s Events & Concepts owner Ish Montenegro, I asked her how she takes these three as vital components of an event. For her, there are three things to consider when talking about fashion sense of a cake, gown and flower arrangement and the success of the event as a whole.

“To me, what enters the criteria of ‘fashionable,’ be it a cake, gown and/or a flower arrangement and the like, should encompass uniqueness, comfort, and of course, having the right team to handle of these,” she exclaimed.

Ish shared that all wedding essentials should reflect the personality of the client.

“As they say, ‘To each his own.’ What’s fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean it should strictly go with today’s hippest trends. You are your own trend! Knowing what makes you different than others and applying one’s individuality in the event conceptualization and design is especially fashionable,” she said.

She continued by pointing out that comfort is another aspect that must be looked into. A fashionable cake, gown or flower arrangement, she said, should bring out the best emotions out of the client.

“Being in your comfort zone during a hectic event is as important as expressing one’s uniqueness because it exudes happiness. What use is there of a beautiful gown if it’s itchy and awfully tight? Or, a grandiose table setting if you can’t see or talk to the person infront of you? Staying comfortable is fashionable,” she emphasized.

Adding to the requirements on uniqueness and comfort, it is likewise vital that you choose a supplier that matches your needs.

“If you don’t see eye-to-eye on things, then, expect to be disappointed. Their approach should match your vision. A team and a client in sync will always be in fashion because you get the output you want and deserve,” the 35-year-old entrepreneur said.

Having explained how these event staples work together, Ish noted that these probably belong to the celebrator’s top to-have-lists especially that they transcend to the spectator’s senses of sight, smell, taste and touch.

“They convey the over-all experience of a wedding, a birthday and/or any other party. As an organizer, these are also your front-liners when it comes to marketing especially via social media. By seeing a mere picture of the cake, gown and flowers, one could tell if the complete feel of the event is a cut above the rest,” she said.

As an events organizer, she shared that her business approach is driven by both of her strong personality and passion.

“I always make sure I have something new and unique to offer,” she said.

She further explained that what makes an occasion extra special are the people – those in the spotlight and those behind the curtains.

“We often overlook the fact that making an event unforgettable is heavily reliant on the people behind the preparation. The right team would do its best to put the client’s vision and needs at the forefront, in consideration of the resources that they have. When everything falls into place, that’s where the magic happens,” she said.

Ish emphasized that it is really an incomparable feeling when she and her team see the clients and their loved ones enjoying and happily celebrating the event.

“Their smiles are true testaments to what makes an occasion extra special,” she concluded.



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